Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this site?

In 2008 eBay designated a special powerseller level known as the Diamond Powerseller.  These sellers are different in that they negotiate fees with eBay, have temporary immunity from selling standards, and don't have to acheive a minimum sales volume before reaching this status.  These are usually your major online retailers such as .

This site aims to bring oversight into the feedback process of these powersellers to ensure they are held to the same selling standards as the rest of us.

What does your site actually do?

We continually observe the feedback of all known Diamond powersellers and build our own record of their negative and neutral feedback.  We then compare our record with eBay's official record.  If we detect that any feedback is missing we will investigate the reason for that feedback removal.

We have no way to monitor DSRs so we cannot speculate on those.

What reasons would result in feedback being removed?

eBay has established polices but common reasons would be nonpayment, buyer suspension, or voluntary feedback revision.

Most other reasons for removing negative or neutral feedback would result in the comment itself being removed but not the rating.

Which sellers do you track?

See our observations page for details.  If you know of a Diamond Powerseller that isn't on the list then contact us.  We will not track normal powersellers on eBay.

What have you discovered so far?

See our observations page for details.

Are you affiliated with Toolhaus?

We are in no way associated with Toolhaus however we did receive permission to adopt a similar name.

Are you available for an interview?

If you are a member of the press and would like an interview please contact us with details.