December 1st, 2008

The site is now live and displays data for four of eBay’s Diamond Powersellers.  We are currently tracking BUY, shoplet, SmartBargins, and ToolUp.

Early Results

November 30th, 2008

We began collecting our data two days ago and have already begun seeing results.  Within the past 48 hours BUY has had two negatives removed.  However, upon investigation the buyers were found to have been recently suspended.  This is in accordance with feedback changes made earlier this year.

We currently expect most claims of missing feedback to be a result of this rule.

While we are skeptical that eBay manipulates feedback by removing feedback from sellers, if this is going on we will uncover evidence of it.

It Begins

November 26th, 2008

The Diamond powerseller is eBay’s newest powerseller level.  Unlike your traditional powerseller these are typically big box retailers who have negotiated their status.  These Diamond powersellers have negotiated fees and are also given temporary immunity regarding selling standards.

There are many that believe eBay covers up the feedback and DSRs for these sellers.  This site will monitor the feedback of all known Diamond powersellers in order to validate or invalidate such claims.  For each observed anolmoly we will attempt to explain it in terms of eBay’s current policies.  If no rational explanation can be given this will also be noted.

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