SmartBargains First Positive

December 3rd, 2008

Yesterday I sent an email to eBay user jlmackey2 regarding the positive feedback they left SmartBargains.  The following was their response:

No, I’m a regular consumer. I apologize for any inconvenience. I did receive a quick response from them and same day shipping. I haven’t received anything yet, but I will post about the product after I’ve received it. Thanks.

We’ll keep you updated.

Update Dec-12-08 11:39PST

jlmackey2 just sent me this email

I received my product from SmartBargains on Monday, December 7. It was in excellent condition. It looks and work just as they advertised. I am currently using it.
I rate them an A++!!

I assume he meant December 8th.  So it does look like the transaction was positive in the end.  It still doesn’t explain why the feedback was left at payment.

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  1. claypipe Says:

    Well I can say when we sold we had this happen to us a couple of times when the buyer posted feedback before we received payment or sent the item. Still I think this is highly questionable or an unbelievable coincidence given the 2 negs. this seller has with a total of 3 feedback’s to their name.

  2. Sunday Papers 7 Dec 2008 - Says:

    […] is currently monitoring Diamond PowerSellers Altrec, BUY, shoplet, SmartBargins, and ToolUp.  SmartBargains ignominious opening feedbacks are under discussion on several sites including TameBay.  It’ll be interesting to see how […]

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