New Diamond

December 29th, 2008

It appears that we just found a new diamond powerseller.  This is one of the few eBay grown diamonds and they even started selling back in 1999.  Beckertime has been added to the list.

From their store page:

Beckertime is eBay’s largest provider of preowned Rolex watches with a monthly sales volume of over $750,000. Our uncommon quality, great pricing and commitment to service excellence has earned us a DIAMOND Powerseller designation with a 10 year positive feedback ratio of 99.9%

It does seem a little odd that such a company would still be using AOL for their email and their About Me page definitely needs work.


2 Responses to “New Diamond”

  1. claypipe Says:

    We went into their store policy section. Appears their first line of payments is money order and personal check, then PP and even the extinct bidpay so I think they are in need of revision… is their payment policy copied from their site:…

    Money Order/Cashiers Check, Personal Check, PayPal, BidPay, Bank Wire

    I read their current 3 negative feedback’s and I think they place a lot on their model for return policy. I did not like what I saw as far as comments for the 3 negatives however. Still the feedback changes are designed to help the diamond sellers. If they start listing in the thousands or 10’s of thousands then they will have unlimited feedback revision and the perks that eBay appears to be giving the diamonds in the form of negative feedback removal IMHO.

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